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March 14, 2021


It’s been a long time coming, but my quick 30A Travel Guide is finally here! We have consistently visited 30A, more specifically Alys and Rosemary, year after year as we have some family down there and I have photographed seniors and couples. Every time you go there’s always something new to be seen and some new food to try! I’m sharing all my favorites in this post, but first, photos!

About 30A:

30A encompasses a series of small towns that are all, in my opinion, inspired by Grecian architecture and coastal vibes. Grayton, Alys, Rosemary, Seaside, Watercolor, Seacrest, and Santa Rosa are all town located along the panhandle. We typically stay in either Rosemary or Alys! More about that next–

Where to Stay:

Pictured above, The Pearl hotel is located right down Rosemary’s main street, and based right on the beach! It is a incredible hotel with great accommodations! Guests are granted access to it’s beautiful pool and bar, as well as bikes to ride around the area. Right outside the hotel, on the cobblestone streets, are restaurants and ice cream shops to dine at after a long day at the beach!

Lately, we have been using the fantastic Rosemary Rental Services to rent cottages in the town. Last time we rented one called “Coastal Cottage”, and it was amazing! Sleeps about 9 people and within biking/walking distance to the beach. They do have some that are beachfront, though!

What to do:

There’s so much to do around 30A, but one thing that’s a must is biking. If you stay at The Pearl or rent a house, you have complimentary bikes! If you don’t, you can always rent them for the day or the week! We basically never used our car in Rosemary and just biked around. There are shops and little cafes throughout the town, one of the best being Seacrest Sundries. It’s a cafe and neighborhood market that you can grab some groceries at and stop for breakfast or lunch!

Of course you can go to the amazing beaches and rent a umbrella and set of chairs, or if you stay in a rental you get a complimentary set! Rosemary beaches are also private, so they tend to be a less crowded if you need some peace.

Moving down toward Seaside there are so many food trucks to grab lunch at! My favorite is the Meltdown for grilled cheese and corndogs, can’t be beat. They also have a restaurant called Pickles where you can try world famous pickles and a pickle juice “shot”!

If your a photo taker, (photographer or enthusiast haha!), this is your place. All the colors here represent my brand, so it was the perfect time for me to click and click and click on my camera!

Some of my favorite picturesque spots:

Aly Beach Moroccan Inspired Pool

Rosemary’s Main Street (The street with The Pearl)

The Beach, of course!

Back in the cobblestone residential streets of Rosemary, the golden hour light is breathtaking!

Alys Beach Neighborhoods (for those blue accent windows!)

The Post Office at Seaside (for a few shots!)

Road leading into Alys Beach lined with palms and white standings!

Best places to eat (In my humble, but way too qualified opinion)

As aforementioned, PICKLES!! (Seaside)

Caliza Resturaunt (Located at the Alys Beach Community Pool)

Seacrest Sundries (cough, the biscuits and gravy, cough) (Rosemary)

Donut Hole (Rosemary)

Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs (corndogs and hotdogs food truck in Seaside!)

The Meltdown (grilled cheese food truck in Seaside!)

The Taco Bar (Seaside)

La Crema (Desserts are top tier!) (Rosemary)

…And some more pictures

because the weather and lighting was spot on the whole week!)

All images captured by Pegues Photography!

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